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Class Room Training Courses
Microcontroller Based Embedded Systems Training Institute in HyderabadCourse Duration - 45Days 
Introduction to Embedded Systems
Numbering & Coding systems
Internal organization of computer

  • Data bus , Address bus, Control bus
Architecture of 8051 microcontroller
  • Differences Between Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

  • Difference between Architecture

  • Difference between RISC and CISC instruction sets

  • Overview of 8051 family

8051Microcontroller Features

8051pindiagram explanation
Circuit development of 8051

  • Reset circuit designing

  • Crystal circuit designing

RAM allocation in 8051 Micro controller
  • Register banks

  • Overview  of ALL SFR’s and their basic functionality

ROM space in 8051(Interrupt Vector Table)
Basic Assembly Language and Instructions

  • basic assembly instructions

  • Addressing Modes

Basic C language topics
  • Control Statements

  • Iteration Statements

  • Functions

  • Arrays

On-Chip Peripherals Study, Programming, and Application
  • Ports: Input/output

  • Programming 8051 timers

  • Basic counter programming

  • UART (Programming of Serial ports)

  • Interrupt (Interrupt programming)

  1. Introduction to Keil software, & its Usage.

  2. Introduction to proteus software, & its Usage.

  3. Introduction to flash magic software, & its Usage.

  1. Programming with 8051 and LED interfaces
  • Introduction to LED
  • Assembly code for LED blinking & C code

  • implementation(single LED) with C programming

  • LED array connections (multiple LED’s)

  • Dancing LED’s with C programming

  1. 16x2 LCD interfacing with 8051
  • Introduction to 16x2 LCD

  • 16x2 LCD hardware connections

  • Displaying own text on 16x2 LCD with C programming

  • LCD interfacing with push buttons in C program

  1. Switches interfaces and its implementation
  • Introduction to switches (Push buttons)

  • Positive logic implementation and negative logic

  1. Seven segment display interface with 8051 C program

  2. ADC interfacing

  • Introduction to ADC

  • ADC0804 basic circuit interfacing and C programming

  • Displaying temperature on LCD with ADC0804(hardware and software) 

  • Basics of ADC0808

  1. 4x4 keypad interface and programming with 8051

  • 4x4 keypad and 16x2 LCD interfacing to 8051

  1. Motors interfacing with 8051

            Stepper motor, Servo motor, AC motor, DC motor

    • Introduction

    • ON/OFF control switching with C program

    • Rotation of motor in clock and anti-clockwise direction with C program

    • L293D circuit implementatio

  1. DTMF(Dual Tone Multiple Frequency)

  • DTMF MT8870/CM8870/HT9170 introduction

  • Basic circuit design(hardware)

  • DTMF implementation with 8051 C programming

  1. Relay interfacing

  • Introduction

  • Basic circuit implementation/pin configuration

  • ON/OFF controlling AC and DC devices with C programming

  1. LDR (Light Dependency Resistance)
  • Introduction to LDR
  • C program for LDR interface with 8051
  1. I2C protocol

  • Introduction

  • DS1307 RTC programming in C

  1. Wireless communication with RF (Radio Frequency)

  • Introduction

  • 433MHz RF wireless communication

  • Basic circuit diagram implementation(HT12E, HT12D)

  • Wireless device control through RF with C programming

  1. Zigbee module interfacing

  • Introduction

  • Tarang (or) X-Bee modules wireless communication with 8051 program

  • Wireless communication between zigbee pairs

  • Device control through x-bee wireless communication with 8051 C program

Data Sheets
PIC (16F877A)

  • PIC (16F877A) microcontroller basics

  • PIC microcontroller basic interface programs LED interfacing

    • LCD interfacing

    • Switches

    • Serial interfacing

    • Multichannel ADC

ARM7 (LPC2148)
  • ARM7 (LPC2148) microcontroller basics

  • ARM 7 microcontroller basic interface programs

    • LED interfacing

    • LCD interfacing

    • Switches

    • Serial interfacin
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