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Online Training Courses
SAP-ABAP Online TrainingCourse Duration - 40hrs  
Session 1: Why ERP?
  • Why SAP?
                    Functional & Technical Modules in SAP
                    Role of Functional & Technical Consultants using ASAP
  • Methodologies
                    Specs: Functional & Technical
                   Types of Projects in SAP: Implementation/Up gradation/Support
Session 2:  Introduction to ABAP/4
  • Overview: Reports/BDC/Dialog Programming/Scripts/Enhancements
    History of SAP AG
    Introduction to SAP R/2, R/3 Environment
    SAP R/3 versions till ECC 6.0.
    SAP R/3 Architecture: Presentation/Application/Database Layers
    Understanding the functionality of Work processes
Session 3: Introduction to IDES
  • Logon to SAP
    Introduction to SAP Easy Access screen
    Introduction to Transaction Codes (Tcodes)
    List of Frequently used Tcodes in ABAP
    Logoff from SAP
Session 4: Introduction to ABAP Editor
  • Understanding SAP naming conventions
    Introduction to WRITE statement
    Introduction to Line Commenting
    Creating a Package/Development Class
Session 5: Introduction to DATA Objects
  • Data Types: Elementary/Complex
    Understanding Elementary Data Types
    Creating Complex Data Types
    Arithmetic Operations
    Logical Operators
    Relational Operators
Session 6: Introduction to PARAMETERS Keyword
  • Branching Statements: IF…ENDIF.
Session 7: Introduction to System Fields: sy-*
  • Looping Statements: Do…ENDDO.
    Loop Terminators: Exit/Continue/Check
Session 8: Introduction to ABAP DICTIONARY (SE11)
  • Introduction to Database Tables
    Differences between Transparent/Cluster/Pool Tables
    Data Element/Domain Concept
    Top Down/Bottom up Approach
Session 9: Creating a Transparent Table
  • Working with Transparent Tables: Inserting Records

    Displaying Records  

    Modifying Records

     Deleting Records
Session 10: Understanding Foreign Key Concept
  • Creating Foreign Key Relation between two Tables
    VALUE Table Concept
    F1 Help/F4 Help Concept
Session 11: Introduction to Open SQL
  • Work area: Implicit/Default
    Working with SELECT…ENDSELECT with different combinations
    Working with SELECT SINGLE *
    List of frequently used Standard Tables of

Session 12: Why Internal Tables?
  • Types of Internal Tables: Standard/Sorted/Hashed
    Body/Header Line Concept
    Occurs 0 Concept
    Creating/Populating/Processing Internal Tables
Session 13: Internal Tables Cont…
  • Creating Internal Tables in different ways
    Populating Internal Tables: Using SELECT
                                                                    Using APPEND
                                                                    Using INSERT
                                                                    Using Collect
    Processing Internal Tables: Using Loop…End loop.

    Using Read Statement
Session 14: Internal Tables Cont…
  • Describe Table Concept
    Clear/Refresh/Free Concept
    Control Break Statements
Session 15: Internal Tables Cont…
    Selection-Text/Text-Element Concept
    Using INNER JOIN
    Working with Checkboxes & Radio buttons
    Pretty Printer
Session 16: Introduction to Message Maintenance (SE91)
  • Creating a Message Class
    Types of Messages: I/S/W/E/A/X
    Creating Static/Dynamic Messages & Calling Messages
Session 17: ABAP DICTIONARY (SE11) Cont…
  • Reviewing Data Element & Domain In depth
    QNTY/CURR Fields Concepts
    Buffering Techniques
    Creating a Table Maintenance Generator
Session 18: ABAP DICTIONARY (SE11) Cont…
  • Creating STRUCTURES
    APPEND/INCLUDE Structure
    VIEWS: Different Types of Views
Session 19: ABAP DICTIONARY (SE11) Cont…
  • Creating SEARCH HELP
    Creating LOCK OBJECT
Session 20: Modularization Techniques: Working with Macros
  • Working with Includes
  • Sub-Routines: Creating Subroutines  

                      Pass by Value/Pass by Reference Concept
                      Passing an Internal Table to a Subroutine
Session 21: Modularization Techniques: Introduction to Function Modules (SE37)
  • Creating a Function Group
  • Creating a Function Module
    Calling a Function Module from ABAP Editor
    Passing Internal Table to a Function Module
Session 22: Reports: SELECTION-SCREEN/LPS
  • Types of Reports: Classical/Interactive/ALV
    Events in Classical Reports
    Creating Selection-Screens
    Creating & Calling Variants
Session 23: Creating a Classical Report using different Events
  • Introduction to Transaction Maintenance (SE93)
    Creating a Report Transaction
Session 24: SAP Transport Organizer: Creating Requests
  • Releasing Requests
    Transporting Requests
                      ABAP Trouble Shooting:  Debugging Techniques
                                                                  Runtime Analysis
                                                                  SQL Trace
    Extended Program Check
Session 25: Introduction to Interactive Reports
  • Events in Interactive Reports
    Introduction to Menu Painter (SE41)
    Creating Interactive Reports
    ABAP Memory vs. SAP Memory
Session 26: Introduction to ALV’s
  • Function Modules used in ALV’s
    Creating ALV Reports
Session 27: Introduction to Dialog Programming (Transaction)
  • Understanding Screen Layout & Flow logic
    Events in Dialog Programming: PBO/PAI
    Introduction to Screen Painter (SE51)
    Creating a complete Dialog Program with a TCode
    Screen Validations in Dialog Programming
Session 28: Creating a Table Control
Session 29: Creating a Tab Strip Control

Session 30: STRING Operations
  • File Handling Techniques using Datasets
Session 31: Upload/Download Function Modules

Session 32: Why BDC (Batch Data Communication)?
  • Types in BDC’s
    Difference between CALL TRANSACTION & SESSIONS Method
    Working with SHDB Recording Method
Session 33: Creating a BDC using CALL TRANSACTION Method
  • Error handling in CALL TRANSACTON
    Creating a BDC using SESSIONS Method
    Processing Session: Foreground/Background
Session 34: Creating BDC using LSMW Transaction

Session 35: Introduction to SAP SCRIPT (SE71)
  • Understanding different components of SAP Script
    Defining Form Layout
    Uploading LOGO
    Standard Text (SO10) in Script
Session 36: Passing Internal Table to Script
  • Creating a Print Program
    SAP Script Control Commands
    Modifying Standard Layout
Session 37: Advanced ABAP
  • Introduction to SMARTFORMS
    Migrating from SAP Script
    Designing FORMS
    Designing SYTLES
    SMARTFORM with Table Example
Session 38: Advanced ABAP Cont…
  • Modifications/Enhancements
    Concept of User Exits
    Different Enhancements Techniques
    Working with SMOD/CMOD
Session 39: Advanced ABAP Cont…
    Introduction to Classes & Methods
    Creating ALV Reports using Classes
    Introduction to BADI’s
Session 40: Advanced ABAP Cont…
  • Miscellaneous Topics
    ABAP Queries
    Logical Databases
    Field Symbols
Session 41: Cross Applications
  • Need for Cross Applications
    Introduction to RFC
    Creating RFC Destination
    Working with RFC Function Modules
Session 42: Cross Applications Cont…
  • Introduction to IDoc
    Creating IDoc
    Creating Segments/Message types
Session 43: Cross Applications Cont…
  • Introduction to ALE (SALE)
    Configuring ALE
    Model Views/Partner Profile
    Distributing Master Data using Standard IDocs
    Monitoring IDoc Communication
Session 44: Cross Applications Cont…
  • Introduction to BAPI
    Working with BAPI Interfaces
Session 45: Functional Overview
  • SD Overview
    MM Overview
    FI Overview
    HR Overview

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