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SAP ABAP Online Training

Course Duration : 45 Hrs

SAP ABAP Course Content

Session 1: Why ERP? Session 2:  Introduction to ABAP/4 Session 3: Introduction to IDES Session 4: Introduction to ABAP Editor Session 5: Introduction to DATA Objects Session 6: Introduction to PARAMETERS Keyword Session 7: Introduction to System Fields: sy-* Session 8: Introduction to ABAP DICTIONARY (SE11) Session 9: Creating a Transparent Table Session 10: Understanding Foreign Key Concept Session 11: Introduction to Open SQL Session 12: Why Internal Tables? Session 13: Internal Tables Cont… Session 14: Internal Tables Cont… Session 15: Internal Tables Cont… Session 16: Introduction to Message Maintenance (SE91) Session 17: ABAP DICTIONARY (SE11) Cont… Session 18: ABAP DICTIONARY (SE11) Cont… Session 19: ABAP DICTIONARY (SE11) Cont… Session 20: Modularization Techniques: Working with Macros Session 21: Modularization Techniques: Introduction to Function Modules (SE37) Session 22: Reports: SELECTION-SCREEN/LPS Session 23: Creating a Classical Report using different Events Session 24: SAP Transport Organizer: Creating Requests Session 25: Introduction to Interactive Reports Session 26: Introduction to ALV’s Session 27: Introduction to Dialog Programming (Transaction) Session 28: Creating a Table Control Session 29: Creating a Tab Strip Control Session 30: STRING Operations Session 31: Upload/Download Function Modules Session 32: Why BDC (Batch Data Communication)? Session 33: Creating a BDC using CALL TRANSACTION Method Session 34: Creating BDC using LSMW Transaction Session 35: Introduction to SAP SCRIPT (SE71) Session 36: Passing Internal Table to Script Session 37: Advanced ABAP Session 38: Advanced ABAP Cont… Session 39: Advanced ABAP Cont… Session 40: Advanced ABAP Cont… Session 41: Cross Applications Session 42: Cross Applications Cont… Session 43: Cross Applications Cont… Session 44: Cross Applications Cont… Session 45: Functional Overview

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