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Online Training Courses
SAP SD Online TrainingCourse Duration - 40hrs  
SAP Sales & Distribution

1. Introduction to SAP SD
2. Enterprise Structure overview:
2.1 Overview of Enterprise structure in Sales.
2.2 Definition and Assignment of Organizational Elements.
3. Creating Master Data:
3.1 Customer Master Data.
3.1.1 Defining Account Groups.
3.1.2 Partner Determination Procedure.
3.2 Material Master Data
3.3 Customer Material Info Records
3.4 Conditions Master Data
4. Sales Documents Processing:
4.1 Sales Document Structure, Doc Types & Functionalities.
4.2 Item Category Control & Determination.
4.3 Schedule line Categories Control & Determination.
5. Pricing:
5.1 Condition Tables
5.2 Access Sequence
5.3 Condition Types
5.4 Pricing Procedures & Determination.
6. Free Goods Determination.
7. Basic Functions: (Condition Technique)
7.1 Material Determination.
7.2 Material Listing / Exclusion.
7.3 Cross Selling.
8. Revenue Account Determination.
9. BOM: Bill of Materials
10. Credit Management:
10.1 Credit Control Area.
10.2 Defining Risk Category.
10.3 Defining Credit Groups.
10.4 Credit Master Data
10.5 Automatic Credit Control.
11. Shipping:
11.1 Shipping point & Determination.
11.2 Picking & Transfer order.
11.3 Post Goods Issue.
11.4 Configuration of the Outbound Delivery structure.
11.5 Item Categories for Deliveries.
12. Outline Agreements Overview:
12.1 Scheduling Agreements.
12.2 Quantity/ Value Contracts.
12.3 Creating Assortment Module.
13. Special Sales process & its Transactions:
13.1 Cash Sales Process
13.2 Rush Order
14. Billing Process:
14.1 Creation of Billing Document
14.2 Accounting Document.
14.3 Credit Memo.
14.4 Debit Memo.
14.5 Define Billing Document Types
15. Copy Controls
15.1 Copy Controls for Sales Documents
15.2 Copy Controls for Delivery Documents
15.3 Copy Controls for Billing Documents
16. Incompletion Procedure
17. Third Party Sales Process.
18. Consignment Sales Process.
18.1 Consignment Fill-Up.
18.2 Consignment Issue.
18.3 Consignment Pickup.
18.2 Consignment Returns.
19. Output Determination.

20. Inter Company Sales Process.


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