SAP PP Online Training in Ameerpet

SAP PP Online Training in Ameerpet


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The following are some of the cut over activities that are to be followed for PP Discrete Manufacturing: Production Planning/ Master Data: In PP only master data shall be migrated to SAP; there is no master data in the first stage. The elements that are related to PP in the master data are Bill of Materials, Routing and Work Centers.

Transaction Data: As per the cut off date, ideally there should not be any work in process, all the open production orders should be closed and semi finished goods would be dismantled and should be added to Raw materials. This strategy should be followed for all production order where lead time to complete the production order is not large.

Stage 1

  • Understanding ERP and SAP as an ERP
  • Architecture of SAP
  • Discuss on the implementation methodology and importance of the same
  • Importance of SAP PP as a functional module

Stage 2

  • PP total flow understanding

Stage 3
Master Data Overview

  • Material Master
  • BOM
  • Routings
  • Production Versions
  • Importance as per business needs

Stage 4
Master planning

  • Sales Operations Planning
  • Demand Management
  • Long term Planning

Stage 5

  • Process review
  • Process overview and flow to demand management
  • Forecasting process and MRP control
  • Example with real Business Process

Stage 6
Material requirement planning

  • Process review
  • MPS
  • MRP
  • Consumption Based Planning
  • Lot Size Procedures
  • Example with real Business Process

Stage 7

  • Scheduling process
  • Capacity planning
  • Example with real Business Process

Stage 8

  • Complete understanding of business process in Discrete Manufacturing
  • Master Data involved
  • Configurations needs
  • Purpose

Stage 9

  • REM process review
  • Master Data involved
  • Configuration needs
  • Purpose

Stage 10

  • Support Process discussion