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Joomla Online Training in Ameerpet

Joomla Online Training in Ameerpet


Srihitha Technologies provides Joomla Online Training in Ameerpet by real time Experts. For more information about Joomla online training in Ameerpet call 9885144200 / 9394799566.

Joomla Framework provides an advantage of not making the application restricted particular closed application or organization. Joomla is highly extensible and thousands of extensions (most for free under the GPL license) are available in the Joomla Extensions Directory.

Since Joomla is so easy to use, as a Web designer or developer, you can quickly build sites for your clients. Joomla supports user authentication so multiple users can access the site at the same time, each one with his or her own user permissions. Joomla can do almost anything that a site can want without needing further customized development.

1: Introduction
2: Joomla 1.5 Installation
3: Global Configuration

  • Site settings
  • Content
    • Linked Titles
    • Read More Link
    • Item Rating/Voting
    • Author Names
    • Created Date and Time
    • Modified Date and Time
    • Hits
    • Icons
    • Table of Contents
    • Content Item Navigation
  • Server
  • Default Metadata
  • Mail
  • Caching
  • Statistics

4: Advanced Media manager

  • Creating image directories/folders
  • Uploading and deleting images
  • Modifying images/resizing

5: Module Positions and site layout
6: Template Manager

  • Installing templates
  • Setting the default template
  • Using multiple templates

7: Trash manager – permanently deleting menu and content items
8: User administration

  • creating users
  • editing users
  • setting access levels
  • blocking users
  • deleting users

9: Components

  • Configuring and installing components
  • Sef (search engine friendly) component administration
  • JCE Text Editor configuration.
  • Rsform and philaform (form components)
  • Mass mail
  • Web links
  • Banner manager
  • Guestbook

10: Site Modules

  • Installing Modules
  • Module Order
  • Custom Modules
  • Component modules
  • Access Level
  • Parameters

11: Site Mambots

  • Installing Mambots
  • Parameters

12: Menus

  • Creating new menus
  • Creating menu items
  • Configuring menu items
  • User only menus
  • Menus does and dont’s

13: Site Content

  • Creating, and editing content items/pages
  • Static Content Pages
  • Publishing and unpublishing content/pages
  • Setting access levels for content/pages
  • Inserting images into pages
  • Content/page parameters
  • Meta tag and meta keyword information
  • Adding menu links
  • Frontpage manager
  • Newslflash items
  • Inserting a Google maps
  • System
  • Configuring Joomla templates in dreamweaver or your ftp program

Hands on use of Joomla to ensure you know how to control the admin section and create and edit content.

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