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Websphere Process Server Online Training in Ameerpet

Websphere Process Server Online Training in Ameerpet

Srihitha Technologies provides Websphere Process Server Online Training in Ameerpet by real time Experts. For more information about Websphere Process Server online training in Ameerpet call 9885144200 / 9394799566.

WebSphere Process Server is a high-performance business engine to help form processes to meet business goals. WebSphere Process Server is based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and as a single, simplified programming model. WebSphere Process Server provides you with the ability to develop and modify integration applications dynamically. It also lets you integrate existing applications with newer applications, so that they work together transparently.

  • Course introduction
  • Overview of WebSphere Process Server
  • WebSphere Process Server installation
  • Exercise: Installing WebSphere Process Server
  • Architecture overview
  • Exercise: Configuring the cell
  • WebSphere Process Server components
  • Exercise: Installing the IBM HTTP Server
  • WebSphere Process Server deployment topologies
  • Exercise: Creating the clusters
  • Introduction to the service integration bus
  • Exercise: Configuring the messaging cluster
  • Service integration bus and Service Component Architecture
  • Business process choreography concepts
  • Business process choreography runtime overview
  • Exercise: Installing and configuring the business process and human task containers
  • Exercise: WebSphere Process Server administration
  • Introduction to Business Space
  • Exercise: Configuring Business Space
  • Human tasks
  • Exercise: Working with human tasks
  • Business rules and selectors
  • Exercise: Working with business rules
  • Introduction to the Common Event Infrastructure
  • Exercise: Configuring the Common Event Infrastructure
  • WebSphere Process Server template-driven deployment
  • Exercise: Performing a deployment environment installation
  • Exercise: Completing a deployment environment installation
  • High availability manager, core groups, and policies
  • Exercise: Creating messaging engine policies
  • WebSphere Process Server advanced topologies
  • Course summary